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by Eco Solar Technologies™

Solar Thermal Air Conditioning is the combination of a state-of-the-art high efficiency 2-stage air conditioning system integrated with a Proprietary Solar Thermal Collector Panel, creating the most energy-efficient Air Conditioning System available today!

The key element is the integrated Solar Thermal Collector super heating the air conditioning system's refrigerant, which in turn reduces the required work load of the compressor. This then lowers the overall power consumption of the system, saving energy and money.

How it Works

The answer is simple -- it lies in the slogan "The Hotter It Gets, the Better It Works™". The Solar Cool™ system operates at peak efficiency during the hottest times of the day. During peak summer heat, when conventional air conditioners are struggling to cool and burn at least 3-4 amps per ton to do so, the solar collector on the Solar Cool™ system provides the energy necessary for the compressor to remain in stage one where it requires less than 2 amps to operate and still provide cooler and drier air.

How it does it -- The Solar Cool™ system uses the sun and one solar collector to super heat and pressurize environmentally friendly Freon. The solar collector then sends the Freon to the condenser, where the cooling of the dense pressurized Freon takes place. The solar assisted compressor generates less pressure, resulting in fewer amps needed for operation. Fewer amps translates to lower energy bills. The solar assisted system performs at increased capacity, higher than any other air conditioning system available today.

Solar Cool™ is a unique patent pending solar assisted air conditioning system which incorporates a premium 15 or 16 SEER air conditioner with an evacuated tube solar collector. The system has a top quality high efficiency 2 stage compressor and variable speed air handler. The compressor is backed by a full ten year warranty.


Great News! Eco Solar Technologies™ solar thermal air conditioning systems qualify under the 2012 Federal Tax Credits for Solar and Energy.

Corporate Federal Tax Credit for 2012

Residential Federal Tax Credit for 2012

Hawaii State Residential Tax Credit for 2012

Hawaii State Commercial Tax Credit for 2012

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Solar Thermal Air Conditioning results in lower energy bills!